alobear (alobear) wrote,

A Sci-Fi Love Story

Last night, Dave and I finally got round to watching Your Name, the Japanese animated film that came out last year and seemed to get five star reviews from everyone and his dog. I'd been meaning to watch it for ages, and a long walk, followed by takeaway curry led to a naturally to a movie, and that was the one we picked.

It's a body-swapping tale of teenage angst and romance, which gets more an more complicated as it progresses.

It took a little while to get into it, as the beginning sections were a bit fragmented and difficult to follow. But it was worth persevering, as it gradually drew us in and got us really caring about all the characters. There were some lovely details, in terms of how the two protagonists were drawn to distinguish when they were in each other's bodies. And there were some great cultural moments that managed to come across via the sub-titles - though I don't know how the language intricacies would be handled in a dubbed version.

Towards the end, Dave figured out one of the twists before it was revealed and, after that, seemed more and more concerned about when and how the film might end. For the last few minutes, we were both desperately hugging teddy bears as we watch in nervous anticipation of the ultimate conclusion. But, I think it's safe to say we were very satisfied overall, and our level of emotional investment just goes to show how effective a film it was.

Very weird, but quite wonderful.
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